I am a sculptor, artist and teacher, living and working in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. As a member of the East Coast 7 post graduate art group of regional artists, I enjoy collaborative work.

My.subject is growth, the imperceptible growth of cells, of plants; the incremental growth observed in shells and coral and the explosive growth of mutating organisms. I take my inspiration from close observation of the woods, fields and coastline of Lincolnshire. I work with natural materials – rope, wool and charcoal – these materials best reflect the physical world for me as I strive to suggest natural forms without reproducing their likeness.

My practice always derives from drawing – usually in charcoal and I enjoy the physical process of putting charcoal on paper. Sometimes these drawings develop into print.

Rope is the perfect material for my semi bio-morphic forms and I repeat one stitch in a strict mathematical progression just as cells and bacteria repeat, divide and grow. My sculpture is tactile, meant to be touched and smelled, with surfaces, lines, cavities and protuberances to be explored.

Felt is also tactile and I use it to create 3D forms and painterly 2D expressions of the landscape.

As an experienced teacher I have run art workshops with children and adults in a variety of crafts and enjoy hosting felt making days with small groups of adults.